Entry #6

Times change.

2015-07-23 02:09:41 by SolidShrimp

Funny to think I used to be a high school straight edge punk.  Got addicted to heroin.  Fell in love.  I look back at these animations as my first artistic expressions of my anger with the world.  They are very juvenle animations, but they are sentimental to me.  If you are reading this, do one good thing today.  Simle to someone.  And youll see that with time, that same mentality of doing good to others will return in your favor. 

Don't ever let anyone tell you who you are.  Only you can seek the truth in life.  Live like you've been given a second chance, and life changes for the better.


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2015-07-23 02:38:47

such a huge believer in this news post, what i needed to hear tonight <3