I Lol'd Hard

2008-12-08 16:05:11 by SolidShrimp

Yes, I made this. But I just got back from boarding school and watched it, and it nearly made me shit my pants.

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2008-12-10 16:27:47

Okay, that didn't make any sense but you have a good taste in music.



SolidShrimp responds:

haha thanks bro :)


2008-12-20 00:24:01

hey that was stupid so how old are you and how much did your parents hate you to send you to boarding school?

(Updated ) SolidShrimp responds:

well lets see im 18 in a month. want steps on how to improve the people around you's lives?

1. put a shotgun in your mouth
2. pull the trigger

go fuck yourself bud