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New Flash On the Way

2007-08-24 17:11:57 by SolidShrimp

I started work on a new flash three days ago after screwing around in Flash 8 for over a year. It's nothing like my old ones, I'm going to push myself to make the best flash I can. Yeah, it's still stick figures (since I spent about two days trying to draw a single full-bodied person). However, they have hair, eyes, fingers, ect., so it's basically a style of its own. The graphics will be far superior to Guerilla and so will sound effects, lighting, effects, and so on. It's called Shellshocked and I'll let you guys know more once I do.

New Flash On the Way


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2008-03-29 20:45:17


SolidShrimp responds:

I gave up. I'm going to do it over a really long time with full-bodies.