I'm Idle, Maybe I'll Make Something Eventually

2008-05-08 16:42:30 by SolidShrimp

So... I've just been drawing these last few days. I've felt like moving on from stick figures, and so far it's been looking pretty good. It's a new world though; moving from stick figures to full-bodies. Although, it's definetly worth it. I've posted up one of the drawings below. This will be the menu if I ever do make that flash. I've redrawn a lot of guns, ect. We'll see how things go.

I'm Idle, Maybe I'll Make Something Eventually


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2008-05-19 12:07:13

Looks great buddy

SolidShrimp responds:

Thanks bro


2008-06-01 06:10:45

it does look pretty great


2008-06-05 21:36:57

I got banned, could you guys cheer me up on my userpage...

SolidShrimp responds:



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